Why Aren’t People Dancing?

It does happen from time to time, so don’t feel bad if your dance floor is empty! There’s a million reasons why people don’t dance, but here’s a few I’ve noticed over the years. – The dance floor is too big. (Most) people don’t like being watched when busting a move. – It’s too bright. Again, people don’t like being watched when busting a move. – They haven’t seen each other in years. When you have relatives & friends coming from afar, they want to catch up with everyone. – They’re not drunk enough. Once the liquid courage is flowing […]

Can I See Your Playlist?

Every event is totally different, so we don’t have playlists. All clients provide us with what genres they want throughout the night, and sometimes they do give us request lists. Most of the time we just go by what’s working with the crowd!

Why Can’t My Request Be Next?

There’s a few answers for this. – Someone has requested before you, no worries, we’ll get to your song as soon as we can! – It’s a totally opposite genre than what we’re currently playing. We strive on making our music sound seamless! If you requested rap and we’re playing country, we have to find songs that can get us there. Sometimes this takes 3-4 songs to accomplish and then we’ll get to your request! – We have to download it. Being licensed means we have to obtain our music legally. Mobile phone reception/wifi sucks in some buildings so it […]


Yes we do! You choose your fav songs and what order you want them in, and we create a mix uniquely for you. These can be provided before hand so you can practice before the big day! You can find examples on the DJ Services page.


We have popular music from the 50’s to now, our library includes over 4,000 songs. Country, Top 40, Rock, Swing, Jazz, Classical and even Acadian hits! If your music style is more underground, be sure to send a request list to make sure we have your jams! We can download on the fly (as long as there is reception or wifi) but the tunes must be available on iTunes as we are licensed through AVLA and must obtain our music from authorized sources.


Heads up, DJ’s love being in the limelight, that’s why we do what we do! But not all people enjoy a mic in their face and hundreds of people looking at them. If you’re family and friends aren’t public speakers, we can help! The more info you can give us the better! A TIMELINE is necessary. Exact times aren’t needed (I’ve yet to attend a wedding that stays exactly on schedule) but the order of events is important to keep things rolling. Ex. Bridal Party Entrance, Dinner, Speeches, Cake Cutting, Shoe Game, First Dances, Bouquet & Garter… If you’re having […]


I have stepped in at numerous events to help out with bartending, floral arrangements, dress hemming… lol, but none of those are services offered, just want to help when I can! However you can add other services onto your package such as a photo booth for your cocktail hour! Keep your guests busy and entertained while you’re whisked away for photos! You can also have a song mix created just for you with all of your fav songs to boogie to in the spotlight, either with your new hubby or your dad or your bridesmaids! Find details on these extras […]


I get asked this question A LOT and I’m thankful when people do! My answer, closest to the action. Why? Multiple reasons! – If we’re on the other side of the room, we will have to shoot the sound over all of your guests (and grandma isn’t a fan of that!) – If we’re in a closet or behind a curtain or a wall and can’t see what’s happening, cues for entrances will be missed, and we won’t know if anyone is dancing or not! – It’s easier for us to interact with your guests and makes us engage with […]