What Info Does The MC Need?

Heads up, DJ’s love being in the limelight, that’s why we do what we do! But not all people enjoy a mic in their face and hundreds of people looking at them. If you’re family and friends aren’t public speakers, we can help!

The more info you can give us the better!

A TIMELINE is necessary. Exact times aren’t needed (I’ve yet to attend a wedding that stays exactly on schedule) but the order of events is important to keep things rolling.

  • Ex. Bridal Party Entrance, Dinner, Speeches, Cake Cutting, Shoe Game, First Dances, Bouquet & Garter…

If you’re having speeches, WHO WILL BE SPEAKING and in what order? That way we’re not like “It’s time for speeches, anyone wanna chat?” lol. A little background info on each of the speakers to say as they’re walking up to podium can help calm their nerves, and make the walk a little less scary.

Are you doing a game and we need to orchestrate it? Then we need GAME INSTRUCTIONS. It may be an obvious game that everyone plays (like the shoe game), but maybe you’ve seen it played differently than we have.

It’s also good to throw in any family or inside jokes that you think your crowd will like, it will help us connect to them, and them to us.


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