Where Do You Put the DJ In The Venue?

I get asked this question A LOT and I’m thankful when people do!

My answer, closest to the action. Why? Multiple reasons!
– If we’re on the other side of the room, we will have to shoot the sound over all of your guests (and grandma isn’t a fan of that!)
– If we’re in a closet or behind a curtain or a wall and can’t see what’s happening, cues for entrances will be missed, and we won’t know if anyone is dancing or not!
– It’s easier for us to interact with your guests and makes us engage with them! Requests, song inquiries, even eye contact and a little dance move between the DJ and guest can make for a memorable night.
– If we are your Emcee, the podium should be close to us. It’s awkward to turn off the music, walk to the other side of the room, speak, walk back and turn the tunes on again. Speaking of podiums, it’s just good to have them near the DJ as we coordinate with the MC for the night and make sure things go smoothly.
– Please consider putting us on ground level or small stage. Putting us up on a balcony but wanting the speakers on ground floor means you’re going to have wires running through your beautiful decor. And if you want the speakers on the balcony, keep in mind we have to carry those suckers up and down the stairs alone lol. A few is more than ok but I had attended one where I had to climb 67 stairs with 5 loads of gear!
– Also please try to put us near power so we don’t have to run extension cords through your reception.

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