COVID-19 Alternative entertainment for your event!

COVID-19 has really changed the way we think and do things, and weddings/events are no exception! So if you’re struggling to come up with some fun ideas for your big day hopefully these will get you started!

Table dancing until you hear your request

No I’m not talking about dancing ON the tables, rather around the tables, because let’s be honest, most venue tables aren’t strong enough to hold someone dancing. I’ve seen many (and I mean many) tables go down over the years! Encourage your guests to dance around their tables UNTIL the song THEY requested plays, then they get to head to the dance floor to enjoy with their ‘bubble’ table! (Requests can even be texted to the DJ to make it more COVID friendly!

The Shoe Game

This is always a classic and can definitely be done with social distancing in mind. Bride & Groom sit back-to-back, a shoe from each person is in a hand, MC asks a question pertaining to the couple, they answer by lifting the shoe for whoever it pertains to.

*A fun way to include everyone is place 2 props at each seat. One prop represents the groom, one prop represents the bride. When the questions are asked, your guests can guess what the answer is BEFORE the bride and groom reveal the truth!


You can really get creative with your cards! Instead of numbers have pictures of the lovers, or wedding words, or quotes from songs (they’d have to be pretty short and sweet though!).

Board Game Station

Have each table choose a board game to take back to their table and play.

Bride and Groom trivia

Place cards on the table with the questions, or ask out loud and have a pen and paper ready for guests.

Truth or Dare

This is really cool for the daring couple! Ginger Ray has cards that you fill out with whatever dares or truths you can come up, then they cover them with scratch-to-reveal stickers!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Send your guests hunting for the epic photo-worthy moments like the way he looks at you when you hug your parents, someone yelling ‘sociable’, etc.

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