Fun wedding traditions

So you’re trying to figure out how to make your wedding a little more you… here’s some great ideas!

Wine Box Ceremony

Time-capsule AND wine?! Count me in! My soon-to-be hubby has no idea yet but we’re totally doing this! During a wine box ceremony you both place a love letter and a bottle of wine into a box and lock it up. While it’s meant to be open on a milestone anniversary, it can also come in handy if ever there’s a rocky moment where you’re both contemplating calling it quits, open this box and rekindle that spark.

Ring Warming Ceremony

Not the best option if you’re a germaphobe, or during COVID times, but this is an adorable (and free) way to bring your whole guestlist together. Each guest simply touches (or warms) the wedding rings with their hands to bless the bands with good vibes and wishes for your relationship. If you’re worried about the rings going missing, keep the rings in one spot, place them in a dish, or tie them to a string.

Handfasting Ceremony

This ritual has been around since before 7000 b.c. so if you love history and the celtic lifestyle, add this to your big day! This tradition includes the officiant tying your hands together to declare your unity and secure your marriage.

Sage Smudging Ceremony

This indigenous tradition encourages cleansing and purification. A bundle of sage is lit and waved around you to purge negative vibes and gives you a fresh start on your big day!

Tree Planting Ceremony

Another tradition I absolutely love and so many cute sayings can be used during your reception to tie this in, like ‘watch love grow’ (lame but I LOVE it lol). So if you and your significant other are nature buff’s, all you have to do is plant a tree at the alter. Now I know most venues won’t let you just plant a tree wherever you want, so most couples choose to do so in a pot and take it home. The meaning behind this one is that you’re laying down roots, intertwining forever.

Unity Water/Candle/Sand Ceremony

These are pretty common ceremonies. You each have a glass or jar filled with water or sand and pour together into a new vessel to symbolize the merging of your two lives. Or you both light a candle with individual candles. I really like the sand ceremonies when there’s blended families and the kids get to pour their sands too. Plus you get to take home the creation!

Sky Lantern Ceremony

There has been disaster stories behind sky lantern’s so I don’t overly recommend this one unless you know what you’re doing, but I must say they look absolutely magical in the night sky! You and your guests will tie messages, blessings or requests to the lanterns and let them fly into the sky so that deities receive the messages.

Tying the Knot Ceremony

Since you’re tying the knot, it makes sense right? And it’s exactly as it sounds! You and your love tie a fisherman’s knot with a rope at the altar. This style of knot grows stronger under pressure and is meant to symbolize the your marriage growing stronger every year!

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